Welmac, pioneers in large scale sustainable macadamia production.

Wholesome, in every way.

WelMac believes that increasing volumes and developments must be done according to a sustainable philosophy, both relating to employment as well as nature and its resources. We aim at full maturity to sustainably produce macadamias, a delicious healthy source of nutrition, with an active relationship with the local community, thriving wildlife and operating as a CO2 negative company.

Sustainabilty first

Welmac wants to re-imagine sustainable macadamia production in order to bring consumers healthy and tasty products to enjoy.

The right balance.

WelMac was founded in 2015 with the acquisition of "Welgevonden" macadamia farm, an 850 hectare farm located in the Limpopo province in the northern region of South Africa. Since then WelMac has established activities all through the value chain and established a reputation of being a valued employer, an outstanding farmer and running a high quality nursery.

More about WelMac

From seedling to supermarket

WelMac covers the whole value chain in her operation and is constantly expanding and professionalising her activities.
Macadamias are not only delicious, they also contribute to both your internal and external health in many ways