From seedling to supermarket

WelMac covers the whole value chain in her operation and is constantly expanding and professionalising her activities. WelMac's philosophy on always looking for improvement in terms of quality and efficiency is found throughout all her subsidiaries.

Albasini Nursery

Growing quality

Albasini Nursery is located on Welgevonden Macadamia Farm and is a 100% subsidiary of WelMac BV. We produce high quality cultivars, accompanied with the necessary assistance in terms of cultivar choice, orchard development and planting conditions.

Welmac Processing & Export

Processing with care and quality

WelMac Processing & Export is located on Welgevonden Macadamia Farm and is a 100% subsidiary of WelMac BV. WelMac Processing dries and sorts macadamias with the greatest care for a sound final product and facilitates export to the world market.

WelMac Nuts & Oils

Trade and product development

WelMac Nuts & Oils is located in Noordwijk, The Netherlands and is 100% subsidiary of WelMac BV. WelMac Nuts & Oils specialises in trading of nuts in all styles as well as oils. New applications for the oils are constantly being investigated as we believe there is a great untapped market available.

Welgevonden Macadamia Farm

Production of the highest quality

Welgevonden Macadamia Farm is the flagship farm of WelMac and a 100% subsidiary of WelMac BV. Welgevonden Macadamia Farm is showing that more can be done with less. We produce above country average in terms of quality and quantity, while using less inputs. We are actively involved with both wildlife and the local community.

WelMac International

WelMac International operates all international projects outside of South Africa

WelMac International is a 90% subsidiary of WelMac BV and is located in the Netherlands. WelMac International operates all new developments in- and outside of South Africa.

Company Insights

The WelMac family

With a special thanks to Legacy Films, we invite you to watch a short documentary on WelMac. We are proud to be able to show our farm in Limpopo with this incredible footage, whilst giving everyone a chance to meet the team and share the passion we have for our company.

To maximise returns and minimise risk, WelMac has activities in every part of the macadamia value chain