Welgevonden, South Africa

WelMac was founded in 2015 with the acquisition of "Welgevonden" macadamia farm, an 850 hectare farm located in the Limpopo province in the northern region of South Africa. Since then WelMac has established activities all through the value chain and established a reputation of being a valued employer, an outstanding farmer and running a high quality nursery.

Over the past years WelMac has realised developments and achieved results on Welgevonden, that are redefining the industry in terms of yield, quality and quantity. Albasini Nursery was initially established to provide Welgevonden with young trees, but has since then developed into a self sustaining professional nursery. Albasini Nursery is fully owned by WelMac and is now providing macadamia farmers with high quality cultivars.

On Welgevonden we have taken the first steps in processing of our harvest in our own facility. When production increases WelMac will eventually complete the whole cracking, sorting and packaging process as well as trading her own nuts and oils through her Dutch trading company, WelMac Nuts & Oils.

Company Insights

The WelMac family

With a special thanks to Legacy Films, we invite you to watch a short documentary on WelMac. We are proud to be able to show our farm in Limpopo with this incredible footage, whilst giving everyone a chance to meet the team and share the passion we have for our company.

Sustainable entrepreneurship.

WelMac believes that increasing volumes and developments must be done according to a sustainable philosophy, both relating to employment as well as nature and its resources. We aim at full maturity to sustainably produce macadamias, a delicious healthy source of nutrition, with an active relationship with the local community, thriving wildlife and operating as a CO2 negative company.

We are open minded and always looking for improvements and innovations to do better.
Ownership and integrity
We take responsibility and behave in the best interest of the company. We stay true to what we believe in everything we say and do.
Mutual respect and teamwork
We work from a positive mindset and trust. We treat each other the way we want to be treated and are aware that true teamwork gives the best results.
Social and environmental responsibility
We challenge ourselves to produce our crops in efficient and environmental friendly ways.We aim for the right balance between people, planet and profit.

Water management

One of the main issues in South Africa, as well as in many other countries, is the scarce availability of water and how to manage it with maximum efficiency. Countries like Australia have had to deal with droughts for a long time and also in South Africa we are seeing less rain over the years as well as a change in the general climate.
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Macadamia oil contains, amongst many other healthy properties, omega 7, which is not readily found in many other food sources.