From seedling to supermarket

Producing macadamias well above industry average both in terms quality and quantity

Sustainably growing, producing and processing

The macadamia, most versatile nut in the world.

Welgevonden Macadamia B.V.

Welgevonden Macadamia B.V. (WelMac) is a vertically integrated, specialised macadamia growing and trading company. WelMac is well on track to become one of the world’s leading independent growers, processors and marketeers of high quality macadamia nuts, with ownership and active engagement in every stage of the supply chain. With application of system innovation and high precision farming practises, WelMac is producing results well above the industry average while saving on water and other natural resources.

Sustainably growing, producing and processing

WelMac was founded in 2015 with the acquisition of "Welgevonden" macadamia farm, an 850 hectare farm located in the Limpopo province in the northern region of South Africa. Welgevonden had 60 hectares of producing macadamia orchard and a development potential of 500 hectares.

In the years that followed WelMac has realised developments and results on Welgevonden that are redefining the industry in terms of yield, quality and quantity. Albasini Nursery was established to provide Welgevonden with young trees, but has since then developed into a self sustaining professional nursery. Albasini Nursery is fully owned by WelMac and is now providing macadamia farmers with high quality cultivars.

On Welgevonden we take the first steps in processing of our harvest in our own facility. When production increases WelMac will eventually complete the whole cracking, sorting and packaging process as well as trading her own nuts and oils through her Dutch trading company, WelMac Nuts & Oils.

We believe

WelMac believes that increasing volumes and developments must be done according to a sustainable philosophy, both relating to employment as well as nature and its resources. We aim at full maturity to sustainably produce macadamias, a delicious healthy source of nutrition, with an active relationship with the local community, thriving wildlife and operating as a CO2 negative company.


Recently Nicolas and Nick Grooss, founders of WelMac, where invited for an interview on New Business Radio, where all aspects of the company were discussed as well as the macadamia industry as a whole. You can listen to the interview through one of the links below.

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