Healthy, super food.

In the whole nut-basket there is nothing like the macadamia. With its creamy flavour, unique texture any many health benefits the macadamia is considered a 'super food'.

Nourishing benefits.

Macadamia nuts are high in healthy fats and contain dietary fiber, protein, manganese, thiamin and a good amount of copper. The fat content of macadamia nuts is higher than that of other popular nuts such as almonds, cashews and walnuts.

These specific kinds of monounsaturated fats are not readily found in many other foods and in combination with low natural sugars the macadamia is a good fit into a healthy diet. Many studies have been done towards the health benefits of the macadamia, showing benefits towards lowering risk of heart disease, improvement of metabolic syndrome and diabetes and possibly even helping to prevent cancer.

Versatile and delicious

Macadamias are most commonly found roasted in the nut mix, but can also be enjoyed raw for most health benefits. Wether roasted, salted or even covered in chocolate, the flavour and texture of the macadamia are unlike any other nut. The smaller pieces of the nut are used as an ingredient in many dishes like ice cream, cookies or salads.

Amazing oil.

The smallest bits that break off during processing are not wasted, they are pressed cold to produce an amazing oil that possesses many properties highly desired in the cosmetic industry.

Amongst other properties, it contains squalene and oleic acid that assists with cell regeneration, omega 6 which helps create a natural protective barrier on your skin, vitamin E, omega 7, which is beneficial for wound healing, scratches and burns. It's also a highly emollient oil, yet light and penetrating which is excellent for dry and mature skins.
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