October 26, 2021

Food Forest Project

WelMac started a project on our farm where we plan to dedicate our excess hectares or areas unsuitable for macadamias, to plant indigenous species that will produce food and organic matter to improve the soil and retain water.
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We are always looking to help the local communities in any way we can, we believe that educating people is the most impactful and sustainable way to improve their livelihoods in our perspective.

On our farm there are many areas not suitable for Macadamias, totalling around 200 hectares. Over the years these areas have been overgrown with invasive weeds and trees that have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Our plan is to cover these hectares in so called 'Food-Forests', these forests consist of indigenous trees and plants that have a regenerative influence on the eco system, offering organic matter for soil improvement, water retention to prevent erosion and a friendly chemical free environment for wildlife. Yet these forests also have a productive

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