September 1, 2021

Wildlife spotted at Welgevonden

As we are very involved with the local wildlife and are happy to see many species returning to our farm, we have place some cameras and will post some photos here.

Vervet monkeys, adorable as they are, are actually responsible for a large portion of nuts that are lost before we can harvest. Especially when the macadamias are still small, they are soft, delicious and easy for the monkeys to eat. To give them an alternative in this stage of the season, we have started spreading out orange peels from a local orange juice producer around our farm. This also offers a great spot to set up our motion triggered camera, to get some shots of wildlife living on our farm. On the photos you can see the velvet monkeys eating the oranges during the day, and a so called thick tailed bushbaby at night, as they are nocturnal. There is also a photo of 2 duikers feeding on the grass we bail for our compost.

If you want to learn more about them you can read more on the links provided below.

Velvet Monkey at the Kruger Park website >

Thick Tailed Bushbaby at the Kruger Park website >

Duiker at the Kruger Park website >

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